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What Is Your Story?
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Let Us Introduce Kootenay QuickShot 

It all started in small town British Columbia, Canada as an arts and culture publication called Kootenay QuickShot with a focus on community events, art and entertainment.  From a community based publication evolving into QuickShot Media, a national digital media company, we've grown up a lot since then....

A Time For Change

Influenced by agencies in the digital space,  SEO and social media management packages along with content creation services were added to the agency's portfolio. Finding these traditional systems unrealiable and outdated, with immeasurable results and a disconnection between marketing and sales a new model was created...

Marketers, Partners, Thought Leaders 

Founder and CEO, GeoLyn Mantei, sought to redefine the traditional marketing agency landscape and create an agency where sales and marketing aligned with software and marketing processes  - a hybrid. 

She wanted to eliminate disparate, unmeasurable systems replacing them with unified strategies and implementations with real time results. Empowering businesses through training, tools and resources  translating tech jargon too often offered with high priced service retainers.   

She sought to use efficiency and productivity through point based pricing with value and success measured by outcomes - not output eliminating billable hours. 

Her vision was to tear down "vanity" marketing data replacing it with  marketing analysis and growth strategies that matter complemented by education, software and service partnerships.   

...In fall of 2016 Moda Partners was born. 


Moda Partners Logo_mark.png

Our Values Made-In-Canada.png

Respect & promote creativity through everything we do, regardless of the source

Be amazing & innovative to exceed client & Moda Partner expectations

Be positive & fun in everything we do

Foster & build new relationships with suppliers, partners, team members and clients

Share our passion for our company, services & industry

Be adventurous without fear of failing

Transparent and respectful with our team, clients and ourselves


We Believe 

Inspire through great service, excellence, commitment and respect for our clients, partners and audiences.

We will push the status quo, creatively implement campaigns through a foundation of strategy and challenge ourselves continuously to exceed in our industry.

What Is Your Story?
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