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Moda Partners is the provider of choice for modern-day marketing techniques and creative growth strategies.  
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Where Services Meet Education

Moda is a hybrid agency that redefines the traditional digital marketing landscape by offering education, services, and software built on a solid strategic foundation that meets the specific needs of our clients.

In an effort to eliminate disparate, unmeasurable systems offered by many traditional digital marketing agencies, Moda replaces those systems with a custom, unified implementation plan that provides real-time results.

Moda provides measurable, cohesive strategies tailored specifically for business' goals and arms them with training, tools, and resources to help them reach their goals.


Our Story

Discovery & GamePlan Development 

We begin each project with a Discovery session to review your brand, messaging, industry and competitors to help define your personas (ideal customers) and determine which channels they use to find you.

Next, we perform an audit, which involves an extensive review of your existing social profiles, website, content and marketing iniatives.

From there, we establish a baseline. This allows us to see where your digital marketing is strong and where you could use some help.

Then, we offer an educational componenent and introduce the platforms and tools that are appropriate for your business and industry to help you establish a solid digital presence. These tools and techniques involve the use of SEO, social media, email marketing and lead generation techniques. 

Finally, our team develops a customized solution and implementation plan to meet your objectives. Based on the information gathered from the Discovery session, we will then write a marketing strategy appropriate for your business and industry.

The GamePlan and Summary phases involve analyzing your current position and laying out the specific strategies and activities that will help your company reach your business marketing goals within a 12-month period.



Building from a strong foundation and a 360-degree approach, Moda implements the GamePlan and recommended monthly service plan customized for your business to drive traffic, generate leads, convert and close customers. 

From custom web design, development, and SEO, we work to implement ongoing monthly service plans to include social media management and marketing, campaign and content development, email marketing, lead generation campaigns and more.  

Monthly Service Plans

Customized for every business, industry, and budget

Moda Partners offers various scalable digital marketing options to assist with implementing your GamePlan. We can be your sole marketing team, work with your internal marketing team, or even offer training and resources to help you manage marketing efforts internally.

*These service plans will be outlined in further detail within the GamePlan Summary.


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Points represent a fixed unit of value we allocate to activities when creating the Marketing Game Plan tasks. Each point is applied at the project level and allocated monthly based on campaign performance. Agency point rate is $150.

Value-Based Pricing

Challenging the status quo extends into how we deliver value to our clients. Gone are the days of inefficient hourly billing. Moda Partners operates on a point system representing a fixed unit of value allocated to marketing activities and initiatives so you know what you are getting.

This system ensures that our projects are efficient, on-time, and on budget.


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